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Lead Generation with Instagram


Anyone with access to the internet would have an active social media account of some sort. For most people, having an active social media account is a way of keeping in touch with friends and family. The draw of social media is that it gives us the ability to share snippets and snapshots of our lives and lets us take a peek into the lives of others.

Instagram becomes a favourite with top brands

Some social media platforms are more popular than others, and there is a myriad of platforms to choose from. While Facebook is still king, Instagram has now become an instant favorite for photo sharing social media platforms.

Everyone loves pictures. We love sharing photos of our meals, our selfies, our beach trips, and just about anything that brings us joy or piques our interest. A few years back, Twitter has made considerable changes by adding inline images to tweets, removing the extra step of clicking on a link in order to view an attached image. That feature has changed the game considerably for Twitter. After all, Tweets that include images get retweeted 150% more than those that don’t include images. Post with images have always performed better than those that don’t. For example, Facebook posts with images have 2.3x more engagement than those without and articles are more likely to be shared when images are included. Here is where Instagram shines. Being mainly a photo sharing app, Instagram is the best tool for harnessing the power of images to increase engagement.

The power of Instagram

With that said, it is no secret that digital marketers are now leveraging the power of Instagram as a lead generation tool, and for good reason. You see, Instagram is now the fastest growing social media platform with approximately 600 million monthly active users. Prestige brands are quick to jump on this bandwagon and take advantage of the impressive 1.53% brand interaction rate on Instagram compared to Facebook’s 0.10%. In fact, 93% of the world’s top brands are on Instagram, sharing visual elements in real time.

This incredible growth is what keeps Instagram a fan favorite for digital marketers. Brands that are out to build community and engagement should absolutely have an Instagram presence.

What about you? Is your brand on Instagram?

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