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How to grow followers on Instagram


Growing followers on any social media platform takes time, but if you look at Instagram versus Facebook – Instagram hands down is easier.

Here are a few tips on how to grow followers on Instagram. You must be prepared to put in some time to see results, there’s no quick solution.


Hashtags are a great way of getting noticed and increasing engagement, so start using them.  


People search on Instagram via Hashtags. How else are they going to find you when they don’t know you exist.

Stats indicate that 11 or more hashtags receive nearly 80% more interaction compared to 22% of those using 10 hashtags. So start using more hashtags on your posts – but ensure they are relevant to the image you’re posting.



How to search for relevant hashtags

If you go into the Instagram app and hit search you’ll see 4 types of search: Top, People, Tags, Places. Click ‘Tags’ and type in a word you think is relevant to your image. You’ll either see some good results say 50 million people have tagged this word, bad results or the word isn’t there.  If it isn’t there – don’t use it as no one is going to search on it, unless its your brand name. Use the popular tags.

How to use hashtags

Hashtags are to allow people to search on Instagram to find things, to find brands to follow and engage with. So how to use them? Let’s look at the image below from our feed and the hashtags we used.


It’s a picture of Central Park in New York and the hashtags we usedare:

Looking at the stats for those tags:
#centralpark – 4.1 million people have used this tag
#autumn – 38 million
#aerial – 1.3 million
#city – 38.6 million
#nyc – 70 million
#newyork – 41.6 million
#newyorkcity – 11.1 million
#jungledrums – that’s our branding hashtag we use.

Interesting the difference between #newyork & #newyorkcity.  More people use the shorter version but you can’t discount the 11.1 million who use the full version. You may feel like you are repeating yourself with hashtags but people search on different variations, so review on the app or google “trending hashtags for Instagram”. Review and use only the ones that are relevant to your image.


If there’s someone in your post that you want to mention or want them to notice your post, tag them. Chances are they will see your post, like it and hopefully re-post on their feed. So reaching another audience that could be larger than yours. Also ask your followers to tag you in their posts. This is a great source of content that you can use across your feed, so long as its in keeping with your brand and your feed.


Stats indicate that posts with a location see 79% higher engagement than posts not tagged with a location. So add a location when it’s relevant.

Sponsored posts

Paid advertising can be a great way to increase followers. Like any form of advertising you need to consider the messaging and the image or video you’re going to use. Sponsored posts like any posts need to engage, entice the user enough to stop the scroll and click through.

Running Competitions

These are a great way to engage your audience.  You want people to share the competition with their friends – get it going viral. So think about your offer, your wording in the post and the mechanics.

The trick is to not over complicate a competition. Keep them simple in terms of what you want followers to do. Something like, comment and tag 3 friends on the image for a chance to win, or re-post our image and tag us for a chance to win.

Engaging an influencer

Most people of heard of them but how do you find one that’s a good fit with your brand? If you are running reports on your Instagram, your stats will show who are your top fans and top ambassadors. Take a look at their feed, see if it’s a good fit with your brand and that they have enough followers and get in touch with them.
Chances are they’ll want something in return. It could be payment or product. Depends on the level of commitment you’re wanting from them.

If your top fans aren’t a good fit or they don’t have a lot of followers and engagement on their page, do a call out on your page, run a competition to be an influencer.

There are many ways to do it and people would be lining up, particularly if you have a loyal and engaging fan base.

Influencers are great for brands when it’s a good fit.

It takes time and effort to build an engaged audience on Instagram, so keep with it. There’s no easy and quick solution, you need to implement various strategies, see which ones work for your audience and give them more of that.

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