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your digital partner

Experienced in digital marketing, advertising, social media and producing photographic & video content.

Jungle Drums is your marketing department.


How I can help

I work with you to understand who your target audience is, how we can engage them and devise a plan to execute.

I look at the whole picture, taking a holistic approach, starting with your website through to your communication.

Initial steps:

  • Get an understanding of your objectives
  • Who your target audience currently is
  • Identify other markets
  • Review your website and Google Analytics
  • Conduct an SEO Audit on you and your competition

Next steps:

Determine how we are going to reach your target audience and execute a combination of the following services:

  • Google Adwords
  • Retargeting ads
  • Facebook ads
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Display ads
  • Content marketing
  • Landing Page creation
  • New website
  • eDM newsletters
  • Social media management and content creation (written and visual)
  • Video content

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MY background

Jungle Drums was born from the love of digital and the desire to continue to help clients across the digital space. Headed up by me, Wendy Lilley, I have over 20 years experience spanning across digital advertising, traditional advertising as well as running my own photography agency for 5 years.

"I love helping clients to achieve their goals and getting them to think outside the box when it comes to marketing their business. I like to go beyond the task at hand if I can, if the results will be more effective, them of course I will. Helping you, helps me".

Jungle Drums specialises all things digital; such as designing and building websites, social media, SEO and SEM (paid and organic search), Facebook advertising, building landing pages, eDMs as well as producing photographic and video content.

"I absolutely love the digital space and the power of digital marketing is incredible. Working out ways to reach audiences beyond what you thought was possible is a challenge which I revel in".



Here are some of the brands I have worked with during my career both past and present.